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Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine door handing?
You can determine door handing by waching what way the door opens. Always determine handing by looking at the door from opening side.
Good and simple way to determine door handing, is to look at the door from the hinges side.


Can I open several doors with one key?
Yes You can! This is called master keying.

Master keying is the ability to use one key to open one or more locks that are keyed differently. This is used in commercial setups, e.g. a janitor may have a single key that opens every door in the building. It is also used in apartment complexes where each renter may have a key to their apartment, and that same key can also open the main door into their building or other common areas.


What are the A ja B measurements?
Dimensions A and B are needed to set the length of the cylinder. These are simlply determined with the following drawing.


What is backset?
Backset is a measurement from the lock case front plate to the center of the cylinder or measurement from the door edge to the centre of the cylinder sunken hole. You have to know the backset for choosing the right depth lock case.

         Lock case                      Door











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